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"Excellent delivery and engagement"

“Clear, factual, convincing, informative and succinct.”

"Great!! Starting with foundations of relationships, respect, and values. Excellent information and illustrations"

“Good interaction/involvement with students and the emotional/relational pieces."

Teacher Quotes

“Effective presentation, excellent team.”

“Wish you could expand to even more sessions.”

“My students came late and nervous to the very first class, early and eager to the second and asked all week when you were returning for the third class. Fantastic!”

Student Quotes

"Interesting, wasn't awkward" 15yr old female

"It will help me through pressured situations" 14yr old male

"Shows you to think about your choices - and not just in sex, but in life as well" 16yr old male

"The physical/emotional triangle helped me think about future choices in my relationships - about adding physical elements when not emotionally ready" 16yr old male

"Found out sex changes things every time" 14yr old female

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