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In this digital age the pressures are daunting for any parent to engage their child in meaningful conversation on healthy sexuality. Rather than putting all the emphasis on the BIG sex talk, True To You equips parents with the tools for a hundred little talks that keep the lines of communication open. If you feel like the lines are already closed, or cut, or are being completely ignored, then True To You provides encouragement and ideas for how to reopen and reconnect with your kid. This challenge is not easy and at the very least is awkward, but it is essential. No matter what signals your children are sending, studies show over and over again that most teens and young adults deeply desire more discussion with their parents in this area of sexuality. Your children are looking to you for guidance on how to navigate the ever-changing landscape of sex and relationships. 


Topics Covered: Building and Maintaining Communication Lines, Brain Chemistry, Adolescent Development, Having the Sex Talks, Effects of Pornography, Protecting your Family from Pornography, Making Abstinence an attractive and viable option

Changing student lives through supportive, interactive and enlightening programs.


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