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Workshops are adjustable to meet the needs and expectations of participants, organizations and schools. 

Changing student lives through supportive, interactive and enlightening programs.

What's The Big Deal About Sex - 2 hrs

Emotional and Physical Lines of Progression | Definition of Sex | Emotional Effects of Physical Intimacy | Brain Training and Brain Chemistry in the Connecting and Breaking Up of Relationships | Viability of Abstinence | Relationship Triangle | Examining the Messages and Motives of Media Concerning Relationships and Sex 

Healthy Relationship... Or Not

Part A | Healthy Boundaries | Refusal Skills - No Doesn't Have to Mean Rejection of the Person | What About Love? | Having the Awkward Conversation | Assessing the Safety of an Environment | Getting out of Risky Situations - 1 hr

Part B| Effects of Pornography on our Culture, Relationships and Brains | Science of Porn Addiction | Sexting - Do It Yourself Porn | Resources for breaking free from unwanted pornography usage - 1 hr


Relational Risks

Part A | Small Group Work on Unplanned Pregnancy Options | Contraceptive Failure Rates | Resources and Myths - 1 hr


Part B | Attending STI Med School | Myths and Preventative Measures | "Wheel of Misfortune" | When to Ask and When to Tell - 1 hr

Relational IQ - 2 hrs

Healthy Relationship Traits vs Abusive Relationship Traits | Understanding and Communicating  Your Boundaries | Trust & Respect - The Building, Breaking and Rebuilding of Both | Teaching People How to Treat Us | Deciding Who Needs to be in Your Front Row


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