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Below are some questions or sharing points you could download and use in conversation with your child after the True To You presentations.  You don’t need to ask them all or all at once. You can ask them in the car, on a walk or while you’re eating dinner together...These are great opportunities for you to find out what they’re really thinking and how they’re processing information.

Sample Questions

  • How do you think you could get out of a bad friendship?  Or are you just stuck with it?

  • What could I do to help you trust me more?

  • What do you wish the presenter had talked about more? Were there parts of the presentation today that were uncomfortable for you?

  • What tests/challenges do you think a relationship needs to go through in order to build solid trust? Which of your friends do you trust the most?  Why?

  • What are some of the characteristics you’re looking for in a life partner?  How do you think these may change as you get older?

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