The goal of the Community Ambassador Program is to create mutually beneficial connections between True To You and already existing youth organizations in the valley. We believe that connecting with students where they already spend their time and have relationship is the best possible way to reinforce and support students in making healthy relational and sexual choices.  Integrating youth workers from prevalent and credible youth organizations allows True To You programs to endure beyond an event or workshop and thus increases the odds for having sustainable and noticeable impact.


By becoming a Community Ambassador your organization will have access to ongoing staff training in the area of sexual health and its impact on the students your organization serves. Ambassadors will also be invited to participate in school presentations and experiential events. Being involved in these activities creates natural opportunities for your organization to develop and maintain strong connections with the youth it serves and also establishes yourselves as an accessible resource/mentor for guidance in the area of relational and sexual decisions.  

Changing student lives through supportive, interactive and enlightening programs.
The Community Ambassador program is new and still in the early stages of development. If you or your organization would like to be involved, please contact us or check back for updates to this program description.


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