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Personality Dimensions® is the next step in the evolution of temperament and personality theory. Based on a foundation of solid research, it gives you a better understanding of yourself, your strengths, values, needs, and how you perceive the world.  But it’s not just about ourselves, it is also about knowing how to appreciate and respect differences by recognizing the contributions and strengths everyone brings with them.  It is frequently utilized in career decision-making and therefore recommended for older high school students.


How does it work?


Personality Dimensions ® takes complex theories and makes them accessible with plain language, and practical uses. It is an assessment that uses a card sort with pictures, short paragraphs, and a multiple-choice survey, to appeal to different learning styles.

Personality Dimensions® doesn’t just use colours, it also includes symbols and descriptive names to help better remember not only what the four different Dimensions are, but what they mean.

Participants are provided with an online assessment before the workshop begins and a take home package during.

Note:  This assessment and take home package is $8 CND per participant


is also available for Staff & Faculty Professional Development Days
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