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Students, ages 10 to 24, in the Okanagan Valley – the demographic most at risk when making sexual choices.


To see every Okanagan student equipped to confidently handle society’s choices and pressures with relational and sexual integrity.

True To You’s programs and initiatives are governed by a set of foundational statements and practices. Here are some of the beliefs that inform our decisions as an organization:


  • We are wired to connect

  • Sex always changes something

  • All students are capable of making healthy sexual choices given the support in:

    • Examining their influences

    • Defining their values and goals

    • Determining the potential pros and cons of various sexual choices 

    • Assessing the long and short term consequences of their sexual decisions


We affirm the Centre for Disease Control’s preventative measures for a healthy sexual life, which include:

  1. Abstinence

  2. Long Term Mutual Monogamy 

  3. Reduced number of sexual partners

  4. Condoms

  5. Regular STI testing

The main focus of our presentations are on the most effective means of disease prevention which are Abstinence and Mutual Monogamy.


Empowering students to make healthy relational and sexual choices.

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